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Do You Need A Rewire ?
Does your House Need Rewiring?

Electricity is an important part of everyday life as it provides us with light and heat when needed. But must of us take electricity in our houses for granted. Cables run through our walls and fuse boxes are hidden away in cupboards, making it all too easy to forget that the electrical wiring does need checking periodically. Cables, sockets and switches all deteriorate with use over time, and require regular checking. All houses should have their electrical wiring checked at least every ten years. There are several signs to look out for that indicate the age of your electrical wiring and whether or not you need a rewire.

Signs that a rewire is needed

Cables coated in black rubber, which was phased out in the 1960s. Cables coated in lead or fabric are even older! Modern cables use PVC installation.
A fuse box with a wooden back, cast iron switches and/or a haphazard mixture of circuit boxes.
Older round-pin sockets and round light switches, braided flex hanging from ceiling roses to light fittings, black switches, and/or sockets mounted on or in skirting boards.
Wall mounted light switches in bathrooms.

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